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Edible Copra

Copra is the dried meat, or kernel, of the coconut used to extract coconut oil. The earliest evidence of the extracting and usage of coconut oil from copra is found in early Tamil literature from the 1st century AD.[1] The word originated from the Tamil word Kopparai. Coconut oil is extracted from it and this has made copra an important agricultural commodity for many coconut-producing countries. Two types of copra namely milling and edible are available. Milling copra is used to extract oil while edible grade of copra is consumed as a dry fruit. Milling copra is manufactured using modern hot air driers resulting in the availability of superior quality copra which is required for the manufacture of best grade coconut oil. Edible copra is made in the form of balls and cups. Different grades of edible copra are available in size.

Origin and Distribution
Copra has traditionally been grated and ground then boiled in water to extract coconut oil. It was used by Pacific island cultures and became a valuable commercial product for merchants in the South Seas and South Asia in the 1860s.

Once the oil is extracted, the remaining coconut cake is 18-25% protein but contains so much dietary fiber it cannot be eaten in large quantities by humans. Instead it is normally fed to ruminants

Edible Copra is usually a perfect, well dried half cup of the coconut kernel and is used in various food preparations as well as a tasty nut. Milling Copra consists of non-uniform dried pieces of coconut which are used mainly for the manufacture of coconut oil.

Membership & Certifications

GLobal G.A.P

Sabari Agro Products is a member of APEDA & Coconut Development board besides which it is also a certified member of the Spice Board of India.
We are also in the process of acquiring other food standard certifications as well as memberships to various agro product consortiums.

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